Chamomile has a strong action on the nervous system and helps reduce the effects of stress, tension and promote a peaceful sleep. Chamomile can help relieve headaches brought on by stress or over concentration and is one of the best remedies for nervous indigestion.

Medical doctors in Germany, France and Spain highly regard the benefits of Chamomile and prescribe it widely for babies and children. 

Flavour Profile– rich and aromatic the compounds are strongest after the flowers have ripened and dried. Chamomile is use for its delicate smooth floral flavour often used alongside other botanicals as a digestif and is also a key ingredient in vermouth.

Did you know?
  – Its first recorded use is by the early Egyptians who dedicated it to Gods because of their belief in its curative powers. The Egyptians dedicated chamomile to the sun and worshipped it above all other herbs for its healing properties.  It was also widely used in medieval times not only for medicine but also as a strewing herb for floors and for making garlands and chaplets for maidens.

Grow me –
German Chamomile is an annual native of Europe and western Asia.  An adaptable plant, it likes full sun and will tolerate almost any type of growing conditions.  A light, sandy, somewhat-moist loam will produce optimum growth.  It appreciates lots of water during its growing season.

Distilled in
–  Wildjac Dry Gin